No Win. No Fee. No Problems.

One of the most concerning things about undertaking Legal proceedings is the cost.

That is why we do not charge, if you do not win. No Win, No Fee. Simple. This applies to every case; it is not a judgement of your financial position, it’s a promise to ensure your financial concerns are being put first. This is because we believe everyone deserves access to excellent legal representation.

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Compensation Experts. Proven Results.

Here at Gouldson Legal, we don’t just say we are compensation experts, we prove it; time and time again.

We don’t settle for a good result. We take pride in getting excellent results for our clients. We do this by taking the time to get to know every case, and every client individually. Our experienced lawyers come to fully understand what you have lost, and what that loss means to you.

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Unhappy with the service of your current firm?

We often take over cases from other firms, usually because they were hurrying through, uncommunicative or pushing to accept an offer the client felt was low.

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Have you experienced an accident or suffered an injury?

You may be able to submit a TTD or TPD Superannuation Claim, to help you get back on your feet.


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