If you have been injured at work and have suffered physically or financially as a result here are some Workers Compensation facts you should know:  
  • Every “worker” is covered by insurance for wages and medical expenses
  • If you have a medical certificate the insurer should pay your wages and medical expenses.
  • Do not sign any insurance document without seeking advice.
  • The Workers Compensation Insurer will most likely try to settle your claim as fast and as cheaply as possible.
  • Early offers are more often far less than what you are entitled to.Lawyers get better results than workers who prepare their own claims. Gouldson Legal are Experts at Workers compensation Law and have handled thousands of cases since 1998 in Australia, especially Queensland.
  • Avoid cheap settlements by choosing highly experienced legal experts who know how to run a claim properly.
Risk Free: No out of pocket expenses, No Win, No Fee Results Driven: Maximum “in the hand” compensation Experienced: The firm has won over 3000 compensation cases since 1998 Methodical: Your lawyer follows a 32 point plan Quick: No delays at any stage of the claim Easy: The firm takes care of all your paperwork for you Clever: Only qualified lawyers negotiate for you Private: Third party “need to know basis” only. Totally confidential. Protective: Court is an option, not a necessity. Call and speak to one of our lawyers. Then decide.  

What do I do now?  

Urgently contact one of our expert injury lawyers to discuss your claim as strict time limits may apply. We don’t run cases - we help people.

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